Monday, March 14, 2016

Rooms of Reality

It's no secret that I adore decor, styling, and making a space completely unique to an individual...when I had two tiny baby girls I had a BLAST decorating their nursery with a gorgeous vintage floral motif. I imagined what I would do when they got older; something sort of like these:
(all images from Pinterest)

 And if there needed to be a LOT of STUFF it could look like this:

Or if my girls wanted lots of colors, we could do this: 

Oh, silly, silly, rookie-Mama Stacy. I have been blessed to raise some girls who KNOW themselves. And while they are both such kind and good-hearted individuals that I believe they WOULD likely give in to my desires if I pushed them hard enough, one of my rules is that the space MUST reflect the person.

We've moved to a new home over Christmas and Leve could NOT take another moment of not having her room 'DONE'. So, a few weekends ago we got it done. As we worked side by side I thought about what I would do for her space if I were doing it that I would donate, old pictures that I would Artkive and then toss, bedding that would be more feminine.

Thankfully, I could see the complete joy and blessing of working along side my daughter and HER making decisions of where to hang her "art", how things should be laid out, where she wanted her toys to be each item she determined to keep meant something important to her and reminded her of the people and places she has loved in her eight short years. So, instead of the fantasy rooms I've dreamed of, we have this:  

While we do plan to do some painting to get rid of the WHITE walls, this is her space...and I wouldn't give up that content and happy smile for any Pinterest image in the world! Praises for a little girl who KNOWS herself! 

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