Thursday, June 16, 2011

Craft Time...Chicken Wire Bulletin Board

So, this was actually for a wedding, but would be SUPER fun for a kids' room or a family organization area....

Things you'll need:
Wooden frame
Chicken Wire
Spray Paint
Staple gun with staples
Felt or other sturdy fabric
Wire cutter

Begin by priming and painting your frame, as well as your chicken wire, if you desire.

Turn your frame over and cut your chicken wire to the size of the frame.

Being sure to pull the chicken wire as flat as possible use your staple gun to staple the edges into the frame.

Lay your fabric over the back of the frame, cut, and staple while pulling it tightly. We used a heavy felt and it worked well for holding its shape.

Turn over and use paperclips, binder clips, or clothespins to place favorite photos, momentos, or schedules to your new board.

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