Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Maybe you didn't realize this, but....TODAY IS FLAG DAY!!!

Maybe it doesn't matter to you, but....IT MATTERS TO ME!!!
(and Betsy Ross, I'll bet!)

Here's WHY this day matters to me...

Once upon a time my dear friend Ryn and I were in 4-H and did a team demonstration on flag etiquette...not to brag, but we rocked that demonstration. We received a Grand Champion on the spot at the State Fair (okay, THAT was a brag...sorry!). Anyhow, Flag Day makes me happy because it makes me think of Ryn. And thinking of Ryn makes me smile and floods me with amazing memories.

May YOU have a great Flag Day and be reminded of a dear, dear friend. The sort of friend that, no matter the distance or the time between chats, you KNOW loves you with the heart of a true friend.

Hugs, Ryn...
"It's us! Which one do YOU want to be?!"

If you'd like more information on flag etiquette you can check out this website...cannot resist an opportunity to teach about this topic. ;)

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