Friday, June 3, 2011

Bathrobe Mafia

Okay, I have to the rest of you have well behaved Bathrobes?

Here's the deal. I have this great's a hand-me-down from a friend so it is already worn in and cozy. It is a lovely purpley blue and fits me so much better than previous bathrobes I've owned.

The challenge? My bathrobe is a total jerk, cleptomaniac, and completely sloveny. Examples? I hang it up clean on the back of the bathroom door and it is filthy just days later. Not to mention that it often is not where I put it and I'll find it down by the clothes drier or in one of the kids' bedrooms under their bed. The final kicker, though, is that it's always taking my stuff...earrings, necklaces, rubberbands, but this morning was the credit card was in there! I'm sure I'll have to comb through this month's purchases to see what my bathrobe ordered online...Ugh...I'm pretty sure the credit card company will not consider it fraud since the fuzzy thing belongs to me. Darn robe.

By the way, I'm sure it's the robe and has nothing to do with my four children's active imaginations or the fact that I am trying to run a household, homeschool, hold down my jobs, and still be somewhat nice to people.

Actually, I NOW see why this robe was handed to me...ahem...

Anyone want a great bathrobe?!

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