Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Flannel Stacked Box Flower

So here is the second version of the fabric flowers. You can find the first one here.

For this one you'll cut numerous flowers of the same size and shape.

You'll lay one down flat to begin.

One at a time take each flower and fold it in half, laying it on top of the first one. Add one flower at a time laying one end of the flower on top of the petal
before it and half of it under the other petal after is tough to describe, but if you think of it as closing a box by folding the flaps in it looks very similar...the grey on grey doesn't make the photos any clearer, either!

Here is what it looks can keep adding layers upon layers if you'd like.

When you have it the size you'd like it to be add a button to the center making sure to catch all the layers of the petals as you go through with your needle and thread...add a pin back and you're ready for action!

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