Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tis a BIG, BIG Day!!

Alright, I can't TAKE it anymore...I have to shout it to the world...well, my 22 "followers" anyhow...ANNE IS OPENING HER OWN STORE!!! I get to go today and help...I am so excited!!!! She has been doing this out of her garage for the last 4 years and now is opening up the most beautiful storefront full of amazing products and food...and I am SO PROUD of her.

So proud that she's following her dream. So proud that she is stepping out of her comfort zone and opening herself up to the good and the bad that comes with retail proud of her for sticking with this and being so conscientious about what she wants the store to embody...most of all so proud of her for working hard to be a great Mom to her two daughters during this process...can you imagine how difficult that must be?! She has included them in the process every step of the way and they are as excited as the rest of us to have their Mom's store opening.

Please keep Anne in your prayers as she ventures forth and, if you're from area, be sure to stop on won't be disappointed!

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