Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wedding Jitters

I had REALLY hoped to be able to keep blogging this week...but I am running crazy for a wedding this weekend...just not enough time in the day! How about I promise photos of the wedding on Sunday?! To whet your appetite I can tell you that I am spending my week:

*Sifting sand...who PAYS for sand?! NOT this girl! I borrowed sand from the beach, am sifting out the large pieces, and will have that "pretty" sand that the stores charge big bucks for.

*Spray painting frames, cupcake stands, branches, and direction signs

*Checking printers to make sure the photo booth will be a success

*Finding supplies for the rock ceremony

OH! I just got a call that our rental place is giving my Bride a free upgrade from the white folding to the white garden chairs...hooray! I am PSYCHED to share photos with you Sunday. :)

See you then!

1 comment:

Melanie Rice said...

You are amazing! I'm sure the wedding will be spectacular! Can't wait to see photos!