Saturday, June 18, 2011

Questions Saturday**Getting it "All" Done

Q: How do you do it all?

A: I don't! Seriously...I know how it look at someone else and they TOTALLY seem like they have it together. Let me assure you...I am NOT that person! I don't have it all together and I hope I haven't given anyone the impression that I do!

Here's the reality:
My house isn't spotless.
I don't always finish a complete thought OR sentence.
My kids don't have a bath every night.
I don't know much about what's on t.v.
My van is usually a disaster.
Our laundry pile rivals Mt. Everest at times.
Not every meal is a square one.
We've been known to eat on the floor because the kitchen table is covered in a project of some sort.

Sometimes I get down on myself and wish that the above wasn't true...then I think of something my good friend Julie said to me, (I can't remember her exact wording, but essentially it was), "I wish I hadn't worried about a clean house and done more cool stuff." Am I blessed with amazing mentor-friends or what!? That ONE comment has brought me so much peace...her wisdom has reminded me to look at my life and think, "What do I want to look back on my life and see?"

(For the record, Julie has done a TON of cool stuff...her kids' theater productions would have been NOTHING without her hardwork in finding props/costumes, not to mention that her four kids are all AMAZING just name a few things.)

So I ask myself, do I want to be able to look back and think, "Good job. The house was always perfect."? That might be what someone wants...a tidy house is definitely a nice thing!

Do I want to look back and think, "My kids were spotless and perfectly cared for." Again, that would be nice.

But for me, that's not my ultimate....mostly I want to look back and think, "I took what God gave me and did my best." God gave me a creative mind, able hands, and a husband that supports my crazy ideas and doesn't seem to mind that the house is less than perfect...that's HUGE! I WANT to create, I WANT to volunteer and help others, I WANT to teach my kids the importance of creativity, of serving others, of loving and being loved. I hope that what I'm doing today brings that to fruition.

So, no, I don't do it all. Not even close. But I try to strike a balance between what must be done to keep my kids healthy and cared for and what is fun and life-giving to my soul. Isn't that what we're all trying to do?


Jessica said...

Thank so much for sharing your little short falls... You are such an amazing person and what you choose to do with your time is so great!!!
In our lives we are so blessed to have so many choices in what to do with our time and I totally agree with how you look at the BIG picture...(which do I put
1st my kids/others or the housework?) God has given you the understanding to what is MORE important ;)
Keep it up Stacy, I love reading your blogs! ~Jess

Randi said...

I LOVE this post. :)
Sorry I've been MIA from commenting lately, just a lot going on!!

Ann@StringerMama said...

Amen girl! Love this post!