Saturday, June 4, 2011

Question for YOU...

Alrighty, I've been answering YOUR questions now for awhile and now its MY turn! (We're working on sharing at our house...can you tell?!?!)

Here it is...
What do you like about this blog? What would you like to see more of?

I honestly I am asking not to get any verbal pats-on-the-back, but rather to get a feel for what makes my readers happy.

To help, you might ponder these things...
Do you like essays like "Why is there Popcorn on the Bathroom Floor", "Babies are Easier than Houseplants", or "Bathrobe Mafia"?

Do you like tutorials that you can do as a Mom? Examples are the flower tutorials, or the cuffed pants.

Would you rather have more fun project ideas that you can do with your kids? Like the suckers, nature notebooks, or silk dyed Easter eggs, for example.

Maybe you're more into the Mom-devotionals like "Motherhood; A Lesson in Humility"?

I am LOVING having this blog as an outlet and am truly humbled that you all keep coming to check things out...seriously. I KNOW how busy life is and the fact that I average about 45 visits a day means a lot. I am honored to help you enjoy motherhood and am curious what sort of content would best do that. :)


The Detloff Family said...

Love catching up with you and your wonderful family almost daily. So just keep posting, whether it is cute stories of what the kiddos are doing, hurdles of life, crafts that you are into, or even just a wordless photo diary. As long as you stay active on here we all will be coming back to see you, 'cause really we all are just voyers..ah maybe stalkers...or, ah...never mind. On the edge of my seat for more ;)

Kelly said...

I think you have a great mix going. I love it all!!