Friday, April 8, 2011

Why is there Popcorn on the Bathroom Floor?

Let me preface by saying...I enjoy cleaning. I really do.

I cleaned houses in high school and was good money and I enjoyed it! Of all the household tasks cleaning comes second only to mowing the lawn (ahhh...the smell of fresh cut grass).

But, even someone who loves cleaning has her limits. I found it this morning.

I was in the bathroom unchaperoned (never happens!) and I looked over to see popcorn on the floor. What?! You've GOT to be kidding me! POPCORN? Upon further inspection there was also NOODLES on the floor. Ridiculous! I wanted to scream and shout, "WHO IS DRAGGING FOOD ALL OVER THE HOUSE!?! DON'T YOU KNOW I HAVE ENOUGH TO DO WITHOUT CLEANING UP THIS MESS?!" It was tough to hold it in...but I took a deep breath and instead went and found my children. Here's how it went down.

Me, "Hey, Everybody...there is popcorn on the floor in the bathroom. Who put it there?"

Blank Stares

Me, "Did someone eat popcorn in the bathroom?"

Blank Stares

Me, "Okay, if no one knows how it got there would someone please volunteer to go clean it up?"

Blank Stares

Me, (with every ounce of self control I could maintain) "Would you please come to the bathroom with me?"

They walked behind me.

Me, "There is the popcorn."

Leve, "Oh. I do dat."

Kiki, "I helped her. We were feeding the animals in the zoo. See, the zoo is in the tub."

Finn, "I got the popcorn down for them."

Me, "Great. Here's the dustpan and brush. Please sweep the popcorn up and feed it to the Mr. Garbage can. We need to clean up the messes we make, okay?"

Them, "Okay."

You're probably roaring about the zoo...I walked out and had to go into the other room to laugh. How many of the messes we get huffy about are made for those sorts of reasons? Do we ever take time to find out?! I have to admit that normally I don't. Yet, I honestly believe that my littles ones don't MEAN to make a just happens as they work on exploring their world...that's important work! So, instead of insisting that they DON'T make a mess (and thereby killing their creative spirit) I need to work on insisting that they clean up the mess when they are done....and I need to be a good role model of that too! How can I get after them for not cleaning up when my own kitchen generally has a "tousled" look to it?!

Just a little food for thought (though NOT on the bathroom floor!)....


Anonymous said...

I just read your posts. I definitely got a kick out of this one! You are like one of the best moms ever, did you know that? :) God only knows if there are kids in my future, but if so, I hope to be a great mom like you. Thanks for these. :)

Stacie said...

I'm a cousin to your friend Melanie. Welcome to the blogging world! Mommy world gives us great stuff to right about doesn't it?

stacylsc said... are too sweet. Thanks...I'm definitely a work in progress. :)
Stacie...thanks for joining in and the welcome to the blogging world...I've checked yours out and enjoy're right...Mommyhood gives us plenty of material!
Thanks for stopping in!