Monday, April 25, 2011

Make a List Monday**April 25, 2011

Good Monday, Everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter...what an occasion to celebrate! The sound of trumpets and the singing of "Christ the Lord Is Risen Today" chokes me up EVERY is humbling to think of what Jesus did for me, you know?

So, to kick off this week let's look at our list from last week. MAJOR kudos to Ms. Randi for commenting guessed a thank you she gets a Mommy Treat! Her list was clear and to the point...and somewhat quantitative which was inspiring to me. The question was:
Five Things you Want to Do/Experience This Summer?

Here are my five:
1. Sell our home.
2. Move to our new town.
3. Make myself exercise a minimum of 3 times a week (30 min. each time).
4. Explore nature with my children...hikes, bike rides, swimming, etc. no less than three times a week.
5. Connect with at least three old friends.

#1 I don't have a ton of control over...but I will pray and trust God's timing.
#2 I will have when #1 comes through...GO, God, Go!!! (Maybe He likes it when I do cheer leading moves for Him?!?!)
#3 Yikes. I WANT to exercise...some exercise I even like (don't tell, okay?!) My challenges is MAKING time to do the exercise...with four kids something else always takes precedence. I will work on this.
#4 Woohooo! I cannot we were at a cool park and Finn BEGGED to go on a hike...the impractical shoes we were wearing did not make it a possibility, but I am planning VERY practical footwear for this summer so we never have to miss another opportunity!
#5 A DOUBLE Woohoooo!!! I have been blessed to know so many amazing, awe-inspiring people in my life...I wish that I kept in closer contact with most of them and am excited about connecting more this summer.

So, hopefully you've made your list of things you'd like to do this summer...after all, summer goes SO quote Ferris Bueller "Life goes pretty fast. If you don't stop to look around once in awhile you just might miss it."

In honor of my favorite season I would like us to do the following list:

1. Pick your favorite season.
2. Name 5 things you ADORE about that season.

Please comment below, or if we're "friends" on Facebook you can comment there. ;)
Let's have a GREAT week...this week you can look forward to a few tutorials, a few musings, and some answers to those GREAT questions posed on Saturday (AGAIN, thanks to Ms. Randi for loads of material...that girl REALLY earned her Mommy Treat!)

See you soon!


The Detloff Family said...

Love your goals and praying that goals one and two happen soon! Goals three and four could be related, plus its a great way to wear out the kids! I completely understand how difficult it is to find the time to dedicate to working out, and I am so guilty of turning the cartoons on for the kids so I can jump on the elliptical and get the "me" time I need. Good Luck on your goals!

Randi said...

My answers are almost always fairly "to the point"....I don't always have a lot of time to do stuff like this, so I try to do it as quickly as possible! haha

So here goes. Fall is my favorite season. Here are the things I adore about it:
1) That in-between weather, where you need to wear jeans & a hoodie but no winter coat yet.
2) The BEAUTIFUL scenery as the leaves change colors...just another of amazing part of God's design!
3) High School Football games
4) Harvest, there's just something about seeing the fields come alive, with tractors & combines out in them at all hours of the day & night, I think it's so neat!
5) Celebrating my kids' birthdays...all 3 were born in the fall. :)