Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Movie Night

In the spirit of fun things to do at meal time I'll share another one my kids LOVE. (When I was taking their picture at Dinner Theater they said, "Aren't you going to tell them about Movie Night?!!?")

So, here's Movie Night...
TRUE Movie Night is when the following things occur:
1)Parents pick a movie for the kids...I don't know why it is, but my kids INSIST that the parent picks.
2)For the meal we eat some of their favorite things: "cheesy sticks" (mozzarella sticks), chicken nuggets or pizza nuggets, and french fries.
3)Everyone gets ONE sippy cup worth of soda...after it's gone they have water. Sometimes we'll even take a trip to the grocery store and they'll chose their own can of Shasta...I'm telling you, Movie Night is a BIG deal at our house!
4)The meal is eaten in front of the t.v.

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, I KNOW the food is not the most nutritious. I KNOW we're making meal time about television. I KNOW that no one talks to each other during the meal except to ask for more food. These are all negatives that exist and things you must consider if you should ever decide to implement Movie Night at your house.

Let me also say this...
The smiles and excitement on my kids' faces when I announce a Movie Night? Totally worth it.
The fact that when they go to sleep at night they share that Movie Night was the BEST part of their day? Also worth it.
The fact that they BEGGED me to tell my 'friends' on my blog about Movie Night because, "IT is the most fun thing we do." Again, worth it.

As with most things I think the 'most fun' things are the things that are totally out of the ordinary...things that we don't get to do all the time...things that are a TREAT...and the irregularity trumps the negatives, at least in our opinion. ;)

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Randi said...

Very cute, I can see that your kids love doing that! I don't judge on the food either...we do "appetizer nights" every once in awhile. Not good for you, but so good!!