Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Homemade Deodorant

For Christmas I got the COOLEST gift...deodorant! Seriously. I have been looking for a natural deodorant, but like so many of you I wanted one that WORKED! I'm a busy gal! I move, I clean, I SWEAT. (I won't go into that topic in depth, but let's just say that what I had wasn't cutting it.) This deodorant HAS! So, I contacted my friend and found out where she got her recipe. You can link to it here. (I could do a re-create, but Jessica did such a great job of explaining I figured why re-invent the wheel?)

The directions tell you to put it into a container and while that works just fine I decided to take it step further for easier application...PLUS I got to reuse something that would have been "garbage" otherwise.

Here's what you do...

Clean out the container...be sure to take apart all the pieces and clean them out well.

Put the container back together again making sure that the support piece is twisted to its bottom-most level. (Perhaps you have a little one who wants to help you like I had?!)

Make the deodorant. Again, go here for instructions. When you have it well mixed heat it up (double boiler or microwave) so that its in a liquid state.

Pour the deodorant into the container

    Allow to stand and harden...I left it overnight and it was ready for use in the morning.

    Enjoy! This works MUCH better than anything else I've used.

    If you're really into this topic and don't want to make your own, I would highly recommend checking out the work that Reviews.com is doing. They looked 115 different options, narrowed it down to 23 who met their standards, and then tested them all. Read about it here.

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