Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mother's Day Gift Give Away

We've been talking a bit about Mother's I want to show you a fun project I've been working on AND offer you a chance to win a free Mother's Day gift (whether you give it to your Mom or keep it for yourself is up to you...we're not here to judge!).

So this all started when a dear gal from my past did an article about metal stamping (check out Sarah here) I was I took a little Birthday money and bought myself a little treat...a metal stamp set. SO FUN. So far I've done a few gifts for people. One of my favorites are the garden markers like Sarah's my take on it...

Want one? Here's how...
1. You must be a "follower" of the do that click "follow" to the right and complete the sign up as directed.
2. Leave a comment below no later than 11 p.m. (Central Time) on Saturday April 30, 2011 telling me which one you'd like if you were a winner.

Winners will be announced on Sunday, May 1st and prizes sent out just after that so that you have them in time for Mother's Day on the 8th.

Don't feel lucky? No problem...I'd be happy to make you one. Contact me at stacyathope(at)yahoo(dot)com or via Facebook for pricing...I'm happy to make whatever wording you'd like on your markers. ;)

Ready? Set? GO!


Randi said...

bloom where you are planted :)

you should check out my cousin's jewelry stamping business -

she's also got a facebook page and an etsy site

The Detloff Family said...

It all began in a garden
What a cute idea!

Toni said...

"Bloom where you are planted" is speaking to me. We never know where the wind will take us, but with faith, and the hand of the Master Gardener, I know I will "bloom" wherever I land.

Kelly said...

"It all began in a garden." Fun! Where did you get your metal stamp set?

gooch said...

Stacey you are one of the most creative and spirit led women I have ever known!
I love the spoon Be Still and Know... but think it should go to another mutual great mom we know D.L. who is juggling between homes just like you right now!
Happy Mother's Day to you!!!

Kim said...

It all began in a garden......I'm you read the pioneer woman blog?

stacylsc said...

You're all so sweet.
Randi, I checked her out. Thanks for the info...
Kim, no I don't know of the Pioneer Woman Blog...tell me more!!!
Kelly, I got the stamp kit from wasn't marketed as a craft set, so it was much cheaper than other sets I've seen. It is Tekton brand. You can find it here at

Thanks for reading and commenting, everyone!