Wednesday, April 6, 2011

"Mom! Where's my _____"

We all know that for some reason women are better at finding lost items than men. Mommies know that Mommies are better at finding lost items than their offspring.

I must have missed the part of labor when I was granted stronger eyesight and a keener sense of where lost things are...but, apparently my kids are all well aware of this super power because they constantly ask me where things are. I'm sure its the same at your house.

Well, yesterday we had a mini-crisis here. Leve's "faborite" toy was missing! Lemon Meringue was MIA. Last I had seen her was at church on Sunday...maybe she had made it home...I wasn't sure. Now, the "real" person in me wanted to tell Leve "tough"...she has a closet full of toys...use a different one. The Mommy in me looked down and saw these sad blue eyes...she misses her Daddy and now her toy was lost?! This would never do. So in the midst of a crazy-busy morning we decided to go on an adventure to find Lemon Meringue. We pretended we were spies and we searched high and low...we even packed up everyone and headed over to the church and searched each pew, each classroom, the offices...nothing. Sadly, Lemon Meringue did not want to be found. Miss Leve cried. As it goes so often in real life; there wasn't a happily ever after.

As we drove away from the church to the sound of Leve crying....a few things flashed through my mind:

  1. I was bummed for her and frustrated...where could Lemon Meringue BE?!

  2. I was thankful that I had made the time to LOOK with Leve....sure, we didn't find LM, but my prayer was that she would understand that her joys are my joys and her sorrows are my sorrows...we're in this family together. Big AND small things matter. We'll work on it together.
The best news? As I was starting this post Leve walked up to me with Lemon Meringue!!! She was hiding in our basement...likely having some sort of party with the Barbies who are stored there. I have to admit I scolded LM, "You can't hide from us like that, silly dolly!", then I hugged Leve...we certainly rejoiced in finding what was once lost! That's one the greatest things about being a family after all, isn't it? We get to celebrate together too. ;) Here's to the good times and the bad times. Lemon Meringue back in her proper place!

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