Thursday, April 21, 2011


Alright, this might be the last of my Meal-time ideas! Maybe....

Again, simple, but well loved.

First, I get a blanket...usually its one that needs to be washed anyhow because by the end of the picnic it DEFINITELY needs to be washed!

I have the kids work together as a team to lay it out.

(This is usually the point where they've caught on that we're doing Picnic and they go and put on bathing suits...I don't know why. We've NEVER gone on an out of doors picnic in our swimsuits, but for some reason in-door picnics require a costume change. (shrug))

We eat.

When its over I have them haul their dishes to the sink and I take the blanket and shake it outside, then send it down to the laundry.

Done and done. Super fun!

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