Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mother's Day is A-Comin'

So, as a kid Mother's Day was the BEST...we'd buy my Mom a corsage that she'd wear to church, then after church we'd have a big dinner at our house with all of our family, we head to Bergeson's (an amazing family owned nursery) to buy all of our plants for the summer, and finish it all off with dessert before everyone went home. I especially liked that day because, as the only daughter, I was allowed to go with her and my aunts/Grandma to buy the plants...my brothers and "the men" stayed home. It was AWESOME to have her "to myself". As I got older we added a piano recital to that day; making it even more fun (but kind of hectic!).

Since Easter is over it's time to focus on Mother's Day....here is the first thing I've done; made Photo cards for each of the kids to send to their Godmothers...as well as a photo card for us to send to Grandma's, Aunties, and other special nurturers in our lives. Super easy to do...I did mine on Picnik (www.picnik.com).

Stay tuned for some more fun Mother's Day ideas and musings. :)


Kelly said...

Thanks for helping me stay on top of things. We already gave Kevin's mom her gift since we were all together on Easter, but I should make cards for all the people we love!

stacylsc said...

:) Glad to help! I bet you have a MILLION cute ideas with all your stamps! With Easter being so "late" there isn't much of a gap this year! Last year Easter was April 4...this year it was the 24...that's a leap! Thanks for reading.