Friday, February 24, 2012

All Because Two People Fell in Love...65 Years!

My paternal Grandparents have been married for 65 years. SIXTY-FIVE! Awesome, right? Well, we couldn't let such an important milestone go by without a party! The day after their 65th Anniversary we gathered at their church to worship together...the kids sang "What Can I Give" for special music. I sang "I Could Not Ask for More" during offering.  Following worship we had coffee time with the entire congregation...then family was invited to come for a noon meal. It was a blast to see everyone and watch my Grandparent's soak in the love of those who love them so dearly. Here's to many more years of love and to the inspiration Grandpa & Grandma are to each of us. (I decorated with the theme "All Because Two People Fell in Love"/ The Greatest Love Story in mind.)
All Because banner made out of old book pages mounted onto red cardstock.

The centerpieces were large vases with branches. I wrapped the branch bases in brown paper and book pages, then tucked them into the vases. Hanging on the branches were photos of our family members. These were mounted onto foam core and matted with book pages and red cardstock.

I currently have a THING for mint julep cups....the "table runner" is just old pages of a book sewed together.

Sopa wood flowers added a touch of vintage interest to the branches.

Book page garland. The cut out hearts were put on the table as a sort of confetti.

Punch and gift table.

Guestbook at the entrance.

These photos were put together by my aunt for their 50th.

A large piece of art I made for them that tells their story.

Stunning flowers from family in California and my Grandma's Wedding dress...she paid $45 for it!

Flowers that Grandpa gave to Grandma for their anniversary

Someone was partied out!

My sister-in-law and her Mom made AMAZING fruit and veggies to share!

My Aunt has the most incredible handwriting. I had her write on these acrylic frames with paper inside of them.

We also had "Happily Ever After Ham". ;)
A little sign I made for them showing the year they were married and the family was "established".

A couple of cuties havin' fun together!

We love you!!!

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