Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Blessings on your Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday is a sort of marker in my world....kind of like New Year's or Christmas or your Birthday. Ash Wednesday's as a kid were a curiosity to me....we had school, yet there was this big 'THING' in the felt like the start of something BIG. Church was different after that...more serious. More somber. As an adult I understand why and have embrace the reflection of Lent and in my own (very quiet way) rejoice (shh...don't tell!) when Ash Wednesday arrives.

Two years ago I was in the hospital for Ash Wednesday and my little bird, TJ, received his first imposition of ashes at only 2 days of age. Looking down at that sweet face reminded me of the amazing gift we are ALL given. As desperately as we mortals look to hang onto life here on earth, we often forget the amazing forever that is waiting for those who believe!

That year I didn't "give up" anything for Lent....maybe I "gave up" being pregnant! Last year I didn't because I felt I had "given up" living in the same house as my spouse and I figured that was enough. This year, I have decided to return to this custom. Upon prayerful reflection, I have decided to rise early each day (except Sundays...the Feast day) and spend some time with God and with the world before the rest of my family rises. That may sound common place for you, but it is a difficult plan for me. You see, as a complete night owl I do not enjoy waking up. Basking in my bed as the morning sunshine fills the room is so cozy to me. I am giving that up for the next 40 days...I'll rise early, read my Bible and devotions, and spend some time doing things that help me to draw closer to God. My plan is to get my computer time in before the children wake so that I can be more present with them throughout the day.  I am thankful for this opportunity reflect.

As you begin your Ash Wednesday I pray you find time to reflect on the amazing journey we're about to embark on. Blessings to you this Ash Wednesday.

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