Sunday, February 5, 2012

Cricket's Cadence

Yesterday I asked you to I'm asking you to DO.

A friend of mine has a friend who is going through a tough time right now. In order to honor her son, she has put together a neat project for us all to take part in.

Do me a favor and run on over and check it out here. Then, think about how you can honor her son by "Doing it for Cricket". (So you don't get a surprise, before you click over to the site, you may want to turn down your volume...there really ARE cricket sounds on the website!)

Cricket's Cadence

Me? I'll do, but I'm also praying for that amazing little Cricket to fool the Doctors completely...I figure he's made it this far, who knows what might happen!?! Wanna pray with me too!?!

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Josie Kolasa said...

Seriously...YOU ARE AWESOME!
I will send ANYONE that wants them little cards to pass out when they do good, if they'd like them. Just let me know. You can also print them straight from the website.

Thank you so, so much for sharing his story.