Saturday, February 4, 2012

Why? Pray.

I'm having one of those "Why, God?" Days. I'm sure you've had them. And this one is weighing heavily on my heart.

Now, we're not going to get into the topic of whether or not I should question since He is the Creator of the Universe He DOES know what's going on. No. We're going to talk about my biggest WHY today...WHY can't they have a baby?

Readers, my heart hurts today for some amazing parents and families that are aching for a child to care for and love. I understand that ache. I felt it before each of my own children...that desire to love and care for another person; to nurture and encourage, to witness a full-on miracle. What I don't understand is why my ache was answered and theirs is not.

WHY couples who would make fantastic parents have been set on a different path? WHY a woman who has given up nearly everything to have a child is walking away with empty arms?

I weep for them. The unfairness rips at me. I feel so unworthy of my blessings. And I pray. That's all I can do...and that's all they have asked of me. These incredible families have asked ME to pray. ME.

I am honored to be asked. And now I ask all the world of things there are to pray for, would you please, today pray for those struggling to have a baby? Pray for them to be strengthened, to be encouraged, for their doctors to know how to help, for their families and friends to know what to say, for the hug to be there when they need it most, that the birth mother would pick them, that the surrogate will pass all the tests...pray that whatever needs to happen WILL happen. Simply pray that their ache would be answered.

From me and from them. Thank You.