Thursday, February 23, 2012

TJ Turns 2

Older Siblings decorate for the party.
aaaannnd the Birthday Boy plays with the "decorations".
We are pretty heavy with Birthdays this time of year...and our little man turned TWO! We had a family party with a Little People theme...a party at church after immediate family party on his "real" day...and a friend party about a week later...let's face it; two is a big deal...and requires a BUNCH of parties! Tee hee! Here are some of the highlights from each:
Leve lined hers up so they were "holding hands".
Most of the cousins!
Time to blow out the candles!
TJ gets some pointers from Kiki!
Grandma made cake pops!
"Tissing" Grandpa Boogah...don't worry, they don't actually TOUCH!
Elmo cards get a big reaction!

Boogah reads cards & helps open presents.

On the REAL day....what a grown up kid!

Do I want to kiss this kid or what?!

Havin' a mini-cupcake to celebrate.

Post's time for a nap...


Ready for a rest with "Buddy" his "baby".

TJ's first act as a 2 year old was to scratch his brother's cornea...this is post Dr. and Opthomologist appointments and post Walgreen's pharmacy to get antibiotics for the eye. In the back is our apartment house.

Note that Finn's eyes are closed because they hurt. Leve's eyes are closed because she wants to be like Finn.

We ran to the church to make pizzas for Confirmation....Kiki leads Finn. What a good sister.

Birthday Boy hangs in his stroller while Mom works.

Time with Daddy

Opening presents when Dad got home!

We love a good book!


Playing with our new toys!

Fun at the Waterpark with friends a few days later!

Little People FARM?!?!! BOOYAH!

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