Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"Snowstorm" 2012

Alrighty, folks....supposedly we were to have this monster storm Saturday-Sunday...didn't happen. THEN it was supposed to hit last night at 6 wait, make that 10 wait, make that midnight. I was up at 1:30 a.m. with kids and it was still clear. finally hit this morning. Kinda.

I'm not gonna go all postal about how the meterologists don't know what they are talking about...I mean, afterall, they get paid to ESTIMATE...and they are trying to estimate, I would say they are playing a losing game. I'm not angry....I feel sorry for them.

And even if this storm isn't amounting to anything in our area (I hear it is actually pretty bad other places) I am thankful for the fact that yesterday the kids and I booked it for W-town while the roads were pristine, and are spending the day with our dear friends who got a snowday from school. I am spending the morning with the kids at Anne's house....later we'll head to our house and the roaring fireplace (and basement FULL of laundry...oy!). So my morning looks like this:
The oldest 3 play on, the house isn't cold...they just like to have hats on.

Big chair. Little man. A book. Perfect.
Snowday+Barbie=Perfection to Leve & The Little Brown Haired Girl

The view off the deck...very fine snowflakes falling...totally beautiful.
Totally blessed, right? Later we get to go to a Leap Year Birthday party for a dear little person...our first REAL Leap Year party fun!
Hope your snowday is awesome too!

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