Monday, February 27, 2012

Simple Strawberry Hats

You all got to see Leve's Birthday Party here...and the super fun Strawberry Hats she gave as party favors.

The idea came to me when we were at the Dollar Tree and I saw hats for $1...seriously? $1?! They weren't anything to write home about, but they were certainly warm. and red. I figured we could make them into something fitting for the party.

 I also got some yarn and green felt
 The first thing I did was to make the stawberry "seeds"...just "V"s stitched in by hand.
 The inside view
 It took awhile to do this part, but at least I had a cute little boy on the other end of the couch to look at!
 Next up I cut lengths of yarn for each side and put it through the hat on either side. Since the hat I used was sort of knit, I just found a space in the stitching and made it large enough to get the yarn through.
 Then, I braided the two sides. I finished the bottom by simply wrapping several pieces of yarn around the braid and tying it tight.
 Next, I cut about 3 sets of leaves per hat, piled them on top of one another, then stitched them to the top of the hat. (A few of the hats I serged the brim of the hat...they went to siblings and I wanted them to have a way to tell whose was whose.)
 Done and DONE!

The girls all looked SOOOO cute in them and they were a blast to make.

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Angel said...

Seriously adorable!!!!!! Such a great idea. Bet the kiddos all just loved them. :)