Thursday, February 16, 2012

Wedding Expo Mania

Is my blog random enough for you?! Yikes.

For those that are following my Wedding & Events career I wanted to share that I had the joy of being part of a few Wedding Expos last month.

I went to GVL and was part of their event for couples that were already booked. It was triple-fun for me as my assistant Eunice was with me AND I got to meet with one of my couples for this summer. (You should meet this couple...they are lovely and so, so kind. A joy to work with.)

We tried to show our range of design options and attention to detail...we showcased two ideas for Sweetheart Tables. Our area looked like this:

We gave each person a party-favor; hand personalized mugs with home-made chocolate mix inside!

Then on the 14th I had two shows. Thankfully, Eunice took care of one and I took the other. Here are photos from my booth. And, in case you're wondering, that IS the smallest booth there ever was! 5' x 10'...1/2 what we're used too...but it worked. My goal was to show our unique style and highlight some of the work we've done. Both Eunie and I passed out tea to passersby...the cozy around the cup was made from recycled sweaters and had a clasp that was hand stamped with "Simply Stacy". I just love being able to offer people tea!

Here is a shot of what Eunie put together....she had taken all the items from GVL and reworked them for that show. Isn't my assistant amazing? Seriously could not do what I do without her...or her husband, for that matter! (They are so supportive of me and my humbling!)

We have not had a lot of business because of the fairs, but we enjoyed meeting many happy couples and other vendors in the business...we always learn so much from these events.

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