Friday, February 17, 2012


WAHM=Work at Home Mom

Let's face it. All Moms WORK at's not like that laundry washes itself or the dishes walk to the cupboard on their own. Unless you have a maid...ahhh...a MAID. (Moment to imagine having a maid......wonderful.) Assuming you're like me and a maid is not in the cards, you work at home.

If you're like me, in order to be able to be home for the bulk of your days, you also have to do some sort of paying gig from home, as well. I've tried lots of different things. Selling Amway (seriously, the laundry, vitamins, and skincare lines are AMAZING...still sell the stuff, if you're interested. ;)), teaching piano lessons, watching other people's children, selling crafts (most recently jewelry), and planning weddings and events.

The challenge is making it WORK with your kids while you WORK. So, tell me, WAHMs, what tricks of the trade would you like to share? I am planning a series where I share tricks of how I make it work to WORK at home...and I'd like to feature YOUR ideas and tricks here as well!

Additionally, I would like to hear from you Moms who work outside the do you do it all?! When do you clean and do laundry? When and how do you get meals made? I want to know full-on details of HOW. I'm even interested in a play by play of anyone's days! (Ever checked out Annalea Hart? LOVE reading the run-down of days on her blog!) I am seriously interested in hearing from Mamas! Let's help each other out and share ideas of how to make this crazy life WORK!

Looking forward to hearing from you!
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Anonymous said...

Having a maid...Im still stuck on that comment...
I started selling Thirty One products. I still do, but went back to my nursing career because I missed it. I work 12 hour shifts, the upside of this is I get to be home more days during the week. So I get tons of chores done on my days off (or I pretend to). Plus I have an amazing husband who loves to cook for us! Its so nice coming home from being on my feet for 12 hours and having a hot meal ready for me! My girls also have a chore list hanging on the fridge, so they know what they are responsible for. It takes a lot of work to keep things running smoothly but my family is worth it!Love your blog Stacy!

Anonymous said...

I sell Norwex, but it's really more of a hobby than a real money-maker. I don't go out of my way to do it, just have a small customer base & word is slowly spreading around the area so I occasionally have random people contact me to order or to have a party. So mostly I'm just at home, running the house. I'm also interested to see how moms who work full-time get stuff like laundry & dishes done...I feel like I would have no time with my family if I had to do those tasks in the evenings & on weekends!