Monday, March 5, 2012


I took off last Tuesday for W-town....except for some spotty internet reception I was able to swipe from a knowing neighbor while I sat in my bathroom....I was without internet for nearly a week. How was it?

I know I often hear people gush or wax poetry about how awesome life was/is without their computers or the Internet. I'm glad for those people.

Me? I wouldn't say it was amazing....but I can say I read 6 chapters of a book that I have owned for nearly a year. I had three long, meaningful conversations on the phone with people I care about. On the other hand, I had to spend a bit of time bothering my spouse while he was at work so that I could have him look up some info that I needed online.

Like most was both good and bad. ;)

It was good to be in W-town. We spent a snow day with good friends.
We went to a REAL Leap-Year Birthday party.

We did math problems on our tile top table...and played games...and loved doing school!

We rode on TJ's scooter. We went out for pizza with friends. We had sleepovers and post-sleepover naps. And a movie night with popcorn.

Mommy got to help Anne with her booth at the Women's Expo and the kids got to play with fun babysitters.

We got 3 weeks worth of laundry done and hauled back to D-town.

We had a showing on our went well. No news yet. The couple is still looking to see what else is out there.

We played, laughed, and loved.

Now we are back in D-town with Daddy....and it is good.

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