Monday, March 19, 2012

Thy Will Be Done

I ask for prayers a's just how I am.

This time it's for me...and my read about my Grandparent's 65th Anniversary here. At that party my Grandfather didn't feel 100% and actually had a bit of a cough.  Last Saturday, March 10th, he was taken to the hospital by my Grandma and was diagnosed with pneumonia, a UTI, and a possible heart attack. Since then we have been on a rollercoaster of him feeling good enough to laugh and make witty remarks to him shaking and being as white as a sheet to him sitting up and eating and possibly getting moved to a rehab bed to him being too weak to even want to talk. He's exhausted....his diaphragm and stomach muscles hurt so badly from struggling to breath and handling the coughing. His bottom is terribly sore from sitting in the bed for the last 8 days. He is frustrated that he doesn't feel better and is sick of being in the hospital.

I won't even begin to talk about the exhaustion my Grandmother, Aunt, Dad, and our families all is a different sort of anxious-exhaustion that is clouding our world in the most foreign way. My Grandmother and Aunt spend the days with Grandpa, then my Dad comes and spends the evenings and overnights with him. The rest of our family and friends fill in whenever and wherever we can. We are blessed to have one another. We text and call...we try to keep one another in the loop of where we are on the rollercoaster. We are thankful for time together; even in these circumstances.
Yet, we still want to be able to DO something...

Grandpa holding my sweet nephew at Christmas...he LOVES babies.
TJ kept giving Grandpa kisses when we visited him last week; even snuggled up with Grandpa in his bed. Precious.
Today my Aunt texted "pray that God's will be done" Grandpa is not afraid to die....he actually told me he was hoping to see his daughter who passed last year, his parents, and some dear family friends. I think, he knows, however, how much he would be missed. How sad we'd all be without him. So, friends, please pray that God's will be done...and that we each might be filled with God's peace.

Thank you so much.
Stacy & Family

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Christina said...

How painfully well I know the feeling, my friend. You can be happy that they're ready and unafraid, but it doesn't make the sadness you know is ahead any less painful. I will keep you all in my thoughts - please feel free to call if you need anything!