Friday, March 23, 2012

When It Rains, It Pours

We've all heard the old adage...and, unfortunately, it's all too often true.

You've read about my Grandfather....he is currently receiving hospice care....things were up and down...he was getting better and they had planned to transfer him to a hospital closer to home and start him in rehab care. It didn't go as planned. Please continue to pray.

February 2012. 93 Years Young

A few days ago I made my nightly call to my Maternal Grandmother...she said she didn't feel well and I could tell it was different from other times. She said she was sure it was just the flu. I called and alerted my Mom...the next day my Mom called to let me know that my Grandma had suffered a stroke. Flu symptoms are some of the same symptoms as strokes. Blast!

She is now in the hospital getting care for her left side; the connections are all there, but need to be strengthened. She will be looking at staying in the hospital another few days, then going on to the nursing home to get additional care.

You know what she told me that night when I asked if I could call one of my aunts who lives nearby?

"You have four little take good care of them and don't worry about me."

Spoken like a true Grandmother. Please add her to your prayers, as well.

Thank you for your faithfulness.

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Team W said...

That final quote from your grandmother brought tears to my eyes - obviously a very unselfish woman. Prayers are being sent for both of your grandparents.

By the way, I LOVE the fact that you all her nightly! You two are lucky to have each other!