Saturday, March 10, 2012

Crayon Art

If you're on Pinterest I'm sure you've seen these. With the girls' room being rainbow themed I thought they'd be a neat way for the girls to participate in the creating of their room without a whole lotta cost. So, I gathered the supplies.
Hot Glue Gun & Glue
2 Canvas'
Blow Drier
Garbage bags to protect the area

Next I opened the boxes and organized the crayons into their color families. We chose not to use the neutrals....anyone want a slew of brown crayons?!?!

Then, each girl figured out what layout she desired for her crayons and I glued them to the glue is just too hot for little fingers!
Here is what Kiki came up with:

I laid out a wavy line for Leve, but she came in, took one look, and promptly rearranged them in a line...what can I say? The girl likes things straight and organized!

To make Leve's extra cool, I cut her name out of contact paper and stuck the letters to the canvas. It created a neat effect, but because it was her actual name I won't be showing it on the blog, sorry. :)

Next we used the blow drier to melt the crayons. I would HIGHLY suggest covering your area better than I did. The crayon really splatters and it is difficult to not make a mess...especially if you want to get the color all way to the edges of your canvas. Also, it worked well to have Kiki hold the drier while I rotated the canvas to have better control of the melting and the directions that the wax ran.
For clean up I used a magic eraser and old-fashioned elbow grease to get the crayon off the floor and cabinets.
Here is Kiki's finished product:
Under the blacklight!

Hanging on her wall.

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