Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Heavenly Chorus

Today the heavenly chorus welcomed it's newest member. My Grandpa passed away peacefully this morning at 12:30 a.m. My Dad was with him. We are rejoicing that he has found his final place; we are devastated to be left behind.

My friend Anda told me earlier this week about the passing of her Grandmother and how, despite her age, it was still difficult to say goodbye. "I think the hardest part was that it was the end of an era." I think she is right. Somehow it seems odd that my Dad will now be the oldest male for our family....Grandpa has just always been there. They have farmed together for the last 40 years...shared every holiday...talked every day. My heart aches for my Dad, my Grandmother, my Aunt. Moreover, it aches for my children.

I ache that because of their age they won't remember him very well when they are older. I ache that they won't be able to hear his voice in their ears reminding them to pray and be kind. I ache that they are learning about death in a very vivid way. Our Leve is especially struck by what is happening. I have been honest with her and have tried to sooth her when she cries. I don't blame her for crying. It IS confusing....why would a God that loves me so much take away someone I love so dearly, especially after I prayed that He wouldn't? If Jesus is everywhere why does Grandpa need to die to go and see Him? You can try to explain theology all you want, but this is kinda tricky stuff.

So, for now we are thankful for the time we had to kiss and hug Grandpa. Thankful for songs that we sing to remind us of him. Thankful for the blessing his presence was to us and all that we learned from him. Thankful that we have an opportunity to have very important conversations with our children about the importance of believing in Jesus and the concept of eternity. Thankful that we have one another to lean on.

I do ask that you please continue to pray. For hearts to find peace and understanding, for strength for tomorrow, for the ability to love one another even more in the midst of our grief....we are thankful for all those prayers and the loving God who answers them.


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