Thursday, May 5, 2011

Babies are Easier than House Plants

The other day I had the pleasure of running into a dear friend at my local hardware store. Don't you love it when that happens?! It's such a bonus to see them when you weren't expecting it...a flower in the desert, an extra scoop of icecream, a extra dash of sunshine...

Anyhow, we got to chatting over the free popcorn (that's our hardware store you get free popcorn to munch on while you walk around...small towns rock!) and I was telling her about a project I was working on to send to friends who recently became parents...a necklace for the Mom and a key chain for the Dad with their new offspring's name on it. I was telling her how it was their first and I imagine that they are going through that first-time-parent phase where you're sure that everyone in the world KNOWS that your child is as amazing as you do and you are also certain that the child's entrance to the world has rocked everyone else's lives as much as it's rocked yours. She laughed and said it had been 18 years since she was a first time parent and she had kind of forgotten fact she shared that she only remembered looking at him that first day and crying, "I can't keep a house plant alive; how can I keep this thing alive?!"

I laughed and said, "Well, I tend to think babies are WAY easier than house plants!"

She laughed and said, "Yeah! Thank goodness babies cry! If my house plants cried when they needed something they'd probably still be alive too!"

Don't you love a laugh with a kindred spirit? Have a super day...and remember to water your plants; just in case! ;)

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Dana said...

Hilarious! Fortunately my kids turned out much better than my plants!!