Monday, May 23, 2011

Make a List Monday**May 23, 2011

Our list was...
What five products "scream" summer to you?
sort of a study in culture of the times, right?!
Here's what I came up with...

1. rarely tastes as amazing any other time of the year! Last summer we tried making balls of watermelon, popping them in the freezer for just an hour or so, then putting them in classes of sprite as a flavoring/icecube...something fun and might be "better" shaped if you pureed it and then put it in icecube trays to freeze it.

2. Slip-n-slides & Kiddie Pools...I remember as a kid my mom getting us a kiddie pool...we'd be SO excited to get it set up...we'd comb the ground for any rocks, then lay down the tarp, THEN put up the was always this kind:

My Dad would fill it with water from the water tank...which was water from a nearby pond...that tank pumped that water out so was unreal! He would spray us and I remember it nearly knocking me over!

3. Sandals...after many summers of the same old, same old, I got these last summer and LOVE them...

4. Screen Doors...ours only goes on in the summer...and its arrival is so exciting!

5. be honest, it's mostly the SMELL that screams just lingers...especially in my kids' hair...

I keep hoping that summer is "really" here...with our weather it's tough to tell, but I keep hoping. ;)

For this coming week let's make a list of The Five Best Ways to Fill Summer Days...what do YOU and your family like to do best on those blessed days of summer?

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