Thursday, May 12, 2011

TJ's New Hat Tutorial

So my darling little man was sitting out in the sun the other day and needed a hat. Here is the one that fit him.

Now, I'm not one who says that boys need to wear blue and girls need to wear pink...I say let's all wear what we like! That being said I do not get a kick out of people saying, "What a cute little girl!" whilst gazing up on my little boy. Alas, this Mama decided to make a new hat. Have I made a lot of hats in the past you ask...Nope. Did I have a pattern? Nope. No problem...I had a perfect pink hat to work off of!

First things first. I created the sides of the hat. I used the pieces that were on the pink hat; tracing them onto cardboard and giving myself a little extra around all the edges for seam allowances. I cut four of them as the hat is lined.

Next I made the very top of the hat. I cut out two of them.

Then, I folded all the pieces in half and marked the center with a pin.

Then, lining up the center pins I put right sides together and pinned both the outside and the lining (inside) together to prepare to sew.

Once they were pinned I sewed both the outside and the lining. Next, I turned one of them the other direction and fitted them into one another with wrong sides together. I pinned them together and trimmed of any excess that was hanging over.

I then got to work on the brim. I cut two of them and sewed them right sides together. I then flipped them over and stitched the outter brim to give it a more finished look.

Then, I lined up the brim to the head part and pinned together carefully with the sides that would be showing when he wore it pinned together.

Next was two neck straps...essentially rectangles sewn right sides together, then flipped and sewed into the head portion of the hat.

Add a little velcro to these and you're set. :)

Here is my little man in his hat.

You're probably laughing, as I am....this hat is even more feminine than the first one! (Blasted brim!)
I guess I'll need to get used to hearing "What a cute little girl" this summer!


Kelly said...

You're awesome Stacy! I did laugh a tiny bit at the end picture...but it's still a really cute hat! Now if I can get you to make one for Tenley. ;) You are just way more brave than I am. That and I don't "really" know how to sew...I could probably do it but almost always chicken out and call my mom!

Kim said...

I love it! I too chuckled a bit, only because your boy looks way too cute in his hat. I totally get the no pattern no problem attitude though! I've definately been there. Awesome job:)

Chad said...

Make a Chicago Bears one, that will get others to back off. :-)