Monday, May 9, 2011

Make a List Monday**May 9, 2011

Last week's list was:
Tell me your favorite names for boys and girls.
I know that many of you have children and perhaps those reflect your favorite names, but maybe your spouse didn't agree with you...(can you tell what happened at my house?!) So, tell me your favorite names of all time. ;)

I think names are fascinating and definitely think that name can express something about some one...never known a Matthew I didn't like...the challenge that I faced was that my spouse and I haven't exactly had the same mindset when it came to naming our off spring...thus, the names that I have ADORED have been shelved and a name we could agree on has been bestowed. The names do fit our children, but if I'd had my druthers I would have picked:

In addition to Finn I LOVE:
Tate (spouse said, "TATEr?" GRR!)
Espen (spouse said, "Like ESPN? You don't even like sports." UGH!)
Mattie (Matthew)

I really like Kiki and Leve, but also loved:
Siri (spouse said, "Are you SIRIous? Perhaps she'll be a SIRIal killer." UGH.)Grace
Madison (both Grace & Madison have been used by dear friends/relatives so it was a no-go).

Regardless of their names I'm sure your children have wrapped you around their fingers just as ours have!

After having said something that WE like let's list what our children (or pets, or special friend) like. So, that's the list for the week. What are three things that make your child(ren)/pet/friend sublimely happy?

See you soon!


Christy Swenson said...

I have the hardest time with names! I hope more people post ideas, because I have none right now. Good thing I have until November to think of some!

stacylsc said...

I'm so excited!!!! I didn't know you were expecting...that's so great! You did a great job with "Grant" you know if you're having a boy or girl?! We DEFINITELY need to get some people to make lists of names to help you out!

Jody said...

I would like to share how we agreed on a name. (Espen was supposed to be Espn, but family threw a fit so we added the second e, but let me mention Espen is a STRONGE norwegian name!) I was bored one day and went on a baby name website. I wrote down all the names I liked both boy and girl, narrowed it down to 10. Together we narrowed it down to 5 each and went from there.
IF we decide to have another and it happens to be a girl we WILL be nameing her Margaret after my mom, and call her Mari for short.
Oh and my the way, I try to find horrible nicknames and teasings for each name also!

Christy Swenson said...

Thanks! We are excited as well! We will find out boy/girl status at the end of June. With Grant, we did not find out boy/girl in advance, so we had 3 boy and 3 girl names picked out. When we met him, none of the names seemed to fit him, even my favorite choice of Carter. Phil said he needed a tougher sounding name so I googled "westerns" and found Grant. He was Baby Swenson until right before we left the hospital! Also, I love your blog. It's so nice to have positive examples and thoughts regarding parenting.

Janelle said...

I really like Kai for a boy(pronounced to rhyme with Pie), and liked a longer version of it pronounced Kai-len, but had issues with Kailan looks like the feminine Kay-lan, then Kylan had a nickname of Ky (K.Y. hmmmm...) then the TV show "Nihao Kailan" got popular and we gave up. We came across Dylan nearly by accident. We had both crossed it off thinking the other thought it was too popular (which it really isn't in NY).

stacylsc said...

Thanks,'re sweet.
Janelle...isn't it funny how some names are popular just in certain places?