Sunday, May 1, 2011

Gift Give Away Winners!

Thanks to everyone for entering the contest! I am happy to announce that the winners are:

#2...Gooch...I will do as you suggested and get it to D.L.
#5...The Detloff Family...I believe I have your correct address so will get it out in the mail tomorrow. :)

(I assigned each comment a number and then asked Kiki to pick a number...she LOVED being the one who "decided" the winners!)

See you tomorrow for Make-a-list Monday (its the one about your favorite season and why).


The Detloff Family said...

Thank you Stacy! Loving you blog and stop in daily to see what your family has been up to and to get some inspiration.

gooch said...

Yippie! Thanks for that - think she will love it, especially knowing you made it. Enjoy your Mother's Day - I will be sharing the day Sunday with my "baby" who turns 18 that day! How did four kids grow up so fast??? Enjoy every morsel of time with your kids - you will be where I am before you know it!