Monday, May 30, 2011

Make a List Monday**May 30, 2011

This week we asked: Five Best Ways to Fill a Summer Day

Oh, where to begin, right?! If you're like me narrowing it to ONLY five is tricky! I would say my top five are:

1. Swimming...we are blessed to live a block from the lake. If I could I'd sit there all day, every day!

2. State Park Adventures...we are lucky to live close to one and going and walking is one of my favorites.

3. Family Adventure Day...we hop in the car and just flip a coin to go left or right...we might pack a lunch, the fishing gear, swim suits "just in case" and see where the day takes us.

4. Gardening...okay, this is one of those things I tend to do by myself, but I find it to be so much fun I'm including it anyhow!

5. Visit Friends/ seems like everyone is up for getting together in the summer...schedules are less hectic and people are ready to PLAY.

For the next week, please share your favorite blogs...I'm SUPER curious what everyone likes to read online! No particular number, just a few that you enjoy and a little synopsis of what the blog is about.

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