Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hobo Dinners

First off...Camp need not read further. I really AM posting about Hobo Dinners. I'll see you tomorrow. :)

Secondly, those of you who know that my dear friend, Anne, is a trained chef KNOW that I am not the person best suited to be sharing recipes...and I would shirk from doing it except that Anne once told me "never apologize for your food". I translated that in many different ways and in this instance I couple it with the other thing she once said about my food, "You make easy dishes out of real ingredients." I take that as a compliment. I further pair that with the truth that I was raised to make FARM that men who are working HARD can who live by the motto..."It's not so much what I eat, but that there is plenty of it."

With those disclaimers out of the way I can now begin...

I think we are all looking for easy meals that we can do quick, feed our kids confidently, and get ourselves back to doing the other things on our mile-long to-do list. AND I count it a "bonus" if the recipe is an easy one for the kids to help with...after all, we all know that kids are MUCH more likely to eat what they make for themselves! This meal has all those great components!

If you haven't done them already, or if you forgot about them...let me introduce/remind you to/of Hobo Dinners.

Ingredients/Supplies Needed
Heat source (campfires or ovens set to 350 degrees)

Cookie sheet (if using the oven)

Tin foil

Non-stick spray

Ground beef or turkey

Sliced potatoes...thinner/smaller is better or you might have crunchy potatoes. Here is what my potatoes look like:

sliced carrots, broccoli, peas, or other vegetables



First, you lay out the piece for each dinner.

Spray the tinfoil with the non-stick spray

Lay the ground meat out in the middle of the tinfoil...the thinner the layer the quicker it will cook.

Lay the potatoes on top of the meat...unless you're like Finn here and are making a vegetarian version...then just start with the potatoes!

Lay the veggies on top of that.

Top the entire mixture with butter so that it looks something like this

Next, pull up the sides of the tinfoil and secure by rolling down.

Place on the heat source. Cooking until the potatoes are tender and the meat is browned. In the oven I like to leave them in for about 45 minutes or so, just to be sure. You do need to check to make sure you're not burning the meat, though.

When it's done it looks something like this:

And you can be met with this...

Total win, in my book!


Toni said...

And, you can eat it right out of the tin foil no dishes! COOL!

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