Monday, May 2, 2011

Make a List Monday**May 2, 2011

Hey, friends!
The list for this week was your favorite season and five reasons why you adore it.
Here's my answer...

My favorite season is SUMMER! What do I love most?
1. HEAT...the humidity can be a bear, but I am fully willing to put up with it if it means that I do not need to bundle up...or bundle up my kids to go outside!
2. BEACH...I love to lay on the sand...and the delicious feeling of sinking into the cool water in the midst of a hot, muggy day is pure pleasure.
3. FERTILE might seem silly to other people, but the county fair in my hometown has been a highlight of my year since I was a small girl. My own children have come to love it as much as I do and we all look forward to those five days all year long. The food, the rides, the time with family and friends...there is a happiness and contentment that exists in that time that is unexplanable.
4. GARDENING & MOWING LAWN...I love spending time in our yard. I love the beauty of the flowers and the amazing green of the grass...the smell of fresh grass.
5. THE LONG DAYS...the sunlight in the evenings is so welcome to me...some evenings I get the kids into bed and go back outside to work in the garden some more...I love that I get those extra hours of sunlight!

This week there have been loads of friends who have had babies...hooray! I ADORE birth, babies, and am ALWAYS so interested in what people name their children. So, here's the list for this week:

Tell me your favorite names for boys and girls.
I know that many of you have children and perhaps those reflect your favorite names, but maybe your spouse didn't agree with you...(can you tell what happened at my house?!) So, tell me your favorite names of all time. ;)

See you tomorrow!


Sarah said...

Hey Stacy!
I was just wondering if any of those friends are in the walker area and might want to have some FREE newborn pics taken! I want to expand my newborn portfolio and if their babies are between 4-7 days old they could work! Let me know if you know any of them may be interested!



stacylsc said...

No, unfortunately they weren't...but there is someone who is due pretty soon with twins. I'll p.m. with her info and you could contact her. ;)

Team W said...

Hi Stacy! Just reading through your blog - how fun! Thought I better contribute too...obviously Gavin & Greysen are our favorite boy names...Grady is a top one too. Bergan and Halley were the potential girl names in this house. :)