Thursday, May 26, 2011

Texture ROCKS

As you know we are working to sell our home. It is a great home and we've done a lot to windows, new fireplace, refinished the hardwood floors, added bamboo flooring where the hardwood was bad, perennial flower beds, shrubs added along the edges of the property on three sides, new appliances, plus loads of paint and elbow grease have made it a home we truly love and enjoy. That being is still an older home and requires maitenance. One of the things that baffles me is that there isn't texture throughout the home. Some walls have it...some don't. The kitchen is one of the rooms that doesn't. Odd, I know. It hasn't been a big deal, but you can see every blemish, every crack...not a pretty picture.

The good news is that my Mom came upon this texture one can add directly to the paint. I decided to give it a try on the ceiling first...I figured if it was terrible at least it was above you and not staring you right in the face.

Here is a before photo of one section of the ceiling.

Here's what you do.
Go to the store and buy the container that matches your comes in fine, medium, and the box to find out which one you need. I can tell you that my Mom used fine and said that, "I wouldn't suggest it if you have little kids...if they run into it they are going to get scraped". I have medium and I like it because it matches the level of texture in the rest of the house.

Add it to the paint...making sure to stir it in completely.

Paint as you normally would...being sure to stir often so the texture is even distributed.

The after photo of the same spot (the little darker portions was because I had touched up there and the paint was still wet.)

Seriously...that's IT. So simple I could cry! I wish I had found this five years ago! I could have had such a pretty ceiling! It helps to hide imperfections that exist and overall gives a much more finished look to the ceiling. I cannot WAIT to do the walls. This post may not speak to many of you, but I believe that anything that makes life a little easier and a little better is DEFINITELY worth mentioning! By knowing a QUICK, inexpensive way to do this I get the job done and get back to playing with my kids and ENJOYING Motherhood. :) GO, TEXTURE!!!!

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