Monday, May 16, 2011

Make a List Monday**May 16, 2011

So we were to make list of what makes the special people in our lives supremely happy. I thought this would be fun for a few reasons...
1. It gives us an opportunity to REALLY watch those love to come up with something (or if they are old enough to dialogue about what they really love).
2. We will have somethign to look back on to remind ourselves (and them) what once made them happy.

Here is what makes my special people super smiley...
(It was hard to narrow it down to three!)

The Spouse
* Movie man loves to just SIT with me.
* Boundary Waters Canoe Area...we are planning a trip for this summer and he gets super happy when we discuss it.
* Family time...when his extended family gathers he adores it...not just the people, but also the games they like to play as a group.

* LEGOS! Give him a box of legos, a quiet space, and no sisters bothering him and he's set for hours...the only thing he might need is access to Mom to show her his creations. :) He counts it a bonus if he gets to watch videos on his i-touch while he creates.
* Fertile Fair...this is my hometown county fair and he adores it...if you ever want to cheer him up talking about the Fair is a sure fire hit.
* Cuddling with Mommy...he is a TOTAL cuddle bug and is always up for cuddling...which makes Mommy SUPER happy. We do reading lessons while he sits on my lap and I am fully aware of the fact that he dawdles just so we can cuddle longer.

* Barbies/Dolls...she loves to play with them and could do it for hours.
* The Little Black Haired Girl...her best friend is so special to her and always makes her smile. They have one of the most true friendships I have ever seen, particularly in young children. They love each other simply because they DO...its really special to watch.
* Food...this little lady ADORES food. Always has, likely always will (here's hoping that her metabolism stays high!) She is always looking for something to eat and is so happy when you say "yes" to her food requests.

* Being treated like the Big Kids...she has no concept that she is 3 years her mind she's 7! When she is treated like a big kid she is so happy and her face just lights up.
* Stuffed Animals...she loves to cuddle with a stuffed animal. She has a special pig and frog, but she will make do with whatever is available.
* Being the SAME as Kiki...she LOVES to match, food, plate, whatever...she just loves to be like Kiki. I am so thankful that Kiki doesn't mind and actually seems to enjoy being Leve's rolemodel.

* Pulling himself up on I write this he is standing next to the couch playing with his sisters puzzle...and is chatting and smiling to himself.
* Mommy and Daddy...he's stilli nthat fun phase of thinking we hang the moon...when we walk into the room he does the full body wave and convulses with happiness.
* Walks...just walking towards the stroller gets him excited...strapping him in and going for a walk always yields smiles.

I hope you enjoyed taking some time to consider what makes your special people happy.

Are you ready for this week's list? It's going to be more of a "fun" list...what five products "scream" summer to you? Post your list below or email me at stacyathope(at)yahoo(dot)com. See you tomorrow!

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