Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I know this blog is about enjoying Motherhood...but I'm going to spend this blog post talking about something the kids do with their Dad...

Do you all know about JibJabs? If not, you need to check them out here. If you asked my kids about them they would respond with the tag line, "JIBJAB" said quickly and in that crazy see, my kids ADORE JibJabs.

(This is the part where I caution you about some of the content on that site...not all the sendables are kid-friendly so I do encourage you to preview them before showing them to your kids...seriously, trust me on this one.) For the ones that are just silly and crazy my kids will laugh hysterically...we have photos of the important people in their lives on my husband's account and he puts together hilarious clips that showcase those loved ones and our kids go mad for it...they love to watch the same ones over and over.

In short...this is a fun, FREE way to spend a rainy afternoon. Have fun!

A few photos of the kids Jib-Jabbing with Daddy the other day. (Per the spouse's request the photos do not include him.)

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Chad said...

Side note, they aren't all free. Some are, but you can get a year membership for $10 (well worth it). Especially if you have a facebook account. It links to that and then you can send greetings via facebook.