Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Party in Heaven

Today's post is coming late....I had another one all ready to go, but after the events of today I realized I needed to write something else. You see, first thing this morning I saw a post on Facebook about an accident on an island near our "home" town. As I read through the comments my heart skipped a beat and the tears began to flow. Two very dear, inspirational ladies from our previous congregation were in a terrible car accident last evening. The car they were driving struck an SUV; the family within was unharmed.

One of the ladies, ML, passed immediately. The other, B, was taken to the hospital in critical condition. I'm told that one of our fire-fighter friends saw both of them and that ML was so peaceful looking and happy, just holding something in her hand.

As the day wore on we found that B had internal and brain injuries. We were so saddened...this afternoon they took her off life support and she passed. We sobbed.

Please understand me....these two were rocks in the congregation. Women of faith who encouraged, supported, and served others. They were bright, intelligent, and full of life. They were both over 80 years old, but acted like people 1/2 their age. They gardened, read books, led Bible studies, owned businesses, and made the people around them feel their love. So we KNOW they are dancing in heaven today....together. Can you imagine them there? These two gals with so much wit and vigor? It is good to know where they are...that we will see them again soon...but...

Our hearts ache. We long to hear someone say, "Gotcha!" and have it all be a terrible joke. We wonder how we could even go into that church and not see their smiling faces; B in a gorgeous outfit picked for her by her niece, ML showing you the latest book the church library has gotten in that she KNOWS you'd love. A joke, a smile, a gentle word. Maybe B has knitted a new pair of mittens for Leve, or a sweater for TJ, a sweater with sweet buttons she lovingly picked out for "that sweet little one of yours". Those women have impacted our lives more than they could ever have guessed. It brings tears to my eyes to imagine they aren't there anymore. My throat aches with sadness. Sure, I imagine they're excited to finally be in paradise, and maybe I shouldn't even say this, and I'm sorry, but I'm selfish. I want them HERE. I want to know that when I send them a "thinking of you" card they are there to open it...that next time I'm in town I'll see that green Buick drive by the corner at our house and know that B is on her way home.

I guess, dear readers, I KNOW the truth, but I'm not ready for it. Honestly, it just hurts too much right now...although I do wish that I could peek into heaven and just see a glimpse of those two dear friends partying together in heaven...as with everything those two gals did, I'm sure it is first class.

Thank you, ML and B for all you've done for us and all you've taught us.
I'm sure upon arrival you heard, "Well done, good and faithful servants."
We'll miss you more than you could have ever guessed.

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