Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Time with Friends

I hope that you, dear readers, had a chance to spend time with your friends and family this past holiday weekend. Aren't those times with those we love precious?

Our time with family this last weekend was just that; precious. We played, we laughed, we told stories, and giggled at innocent quips the kiddos made. It was heaven. I adore our family.

I also adore my friends. A lot. Honestly, more than most people love their friends, I think. I don't know if it comes of not having a sister or what, but I have always held my girlfriends very, very close to me...and this move has been difficult due to my girlfriends, though very close in spirit, are physically far from me. And I get lonesome.

My kids seemed to have inherited this trait from me and miss their friends desparately. To ease the pain we try to get together with our friends as often as possible, but it is still hard to figure it into the schedule sometimes, you know?

A few weeks ago, we were headed back to our "home"town to do a little work around the house, go to an appointment, and do laundry (we have no facilities in our building and laundromats are not my favorite) so the day before I decided we needed to connect with our friends. I shot out a Facebook message to a handful with a plan of attack....pool, pizza, laughter. COME!

It was totally impromptu, I didn't do a great job of contacting everyone, we barely had a plan, but it turned out to be a blast and EXACTLY what the kids and I needed...a little time with friends...that family that we've chosen for ourselves.

We're coming up on a crazy-busy time of the year for most people. I "get" that, but might I challenge you to think of a few people you would just LOVE to hang out with and randomly set up a spur-of-the-moment get together? Afterall, these are our friends; those whom we adore and adore us back...not because we share DNA and they HAVE to love us...those who love us purely by choice! What a precious gift! I know we're giving ours a call next time we're back "home"...

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