Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Dana Carvey Makes Bedtimes Better

Have you ever watched The Master of Disguise? It is one of the movies that our family really gets a kick out of. Last fall the kids got into quoting part of the movie where Dana Carvey dresses up as an older woman.  Check it out here:

Now, I'll agree that some of the language was appalling, but hearing my 3 year old say, "We’ll never make bay-bees.” or  “I’m Gammy, Gammy Num, Num” or "I'm not going anywhere with YOU, Melon Head" struck me as pretty hilarious....for the first 50 times. After that, it started to wear on my nerves. But, as they say, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

One night I wanted the kids to get to bed quickly and without a fuss. I didn't want a million trips out of their rooms after they were there. SO, I informed them about the "Gammy Num Nums" Award. They were intrigued....the rules were simple. The award goes to the person who:
1. Gets ready for bed without having to be told to hurry up or stay on task.
2. Is ready and in bed first.
3. Does NOT come out of their bed for any reason.

This person will then receive a card that says,
Gammy-Num-Nums Award
10 Minutes

The winner can then use that 10 minute award to stay up an extra 10 minutes any time they'd like, except on no Num-Nums Nights (night when we're all up late anyhow OR a night when they have something happening early the next morning.)

I don't offer the Gammy Num Num each night, but a couple times a week I'll announce that it's time to get ready for bed and a Gammy Num Num will be awarded.  My kids ALL hustle. Which brings up the question...can there be more than one awarded? Yes. I will award one to anyone who didn't dawdle, went right to sleep, and did not come out. We've had instances where they've gotten the award, but then come out...and they've had to forfeit their award. (If they got ready for bed the right away they shouldn't need potty, water, hugs, kisses, etc., right?!)

So, that's how Dana Carvey has made bedtimes better around our house.  :)

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Angel said...

This is totally hilarious. And completely ingenious! Mother of the year award! :)