Sunday, September 2, 2012

Kids Say the Darnedest Things

* During reading I ask the kids to give me examples of new words in a sentence. The word was "over"...expecting Kiki to say something about something going 'over' something else she elicited a giggle when instead she held her hand to mouth and said, "Crsh. Over. Crsh." in true trucker fashion.

* The Spouse and I decided to fix our bed.
 It wasn't going well so I said, "This stinks!"
In the background I hear Leve sheepishly say, "Sorry. I farted."

* One day we were driving and, in true, Minnesota fashion, the weather was sunny, but raining. I made a comment and Finn said, "Well, MOM. What did you expect?! When you sing the Johnny Appleseed you thank God for giving the sun AND the rain."

The list goes on and on of hilariousness...what funny things have YOU heard lately?!

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