Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Clothing Re-dos--Shirts

You're not going to believe this but...my kids keep growing! UGH. I'm sure mine are the only ones who do that, right?! As Finn told me the last time I told him to stop growing, "Stop feeding me healthy food and give me junk food instead and THEN I'll at least slow down." Good thinkin', kid...but, not going to happen. ;)

So, since they keep growing AND the next sized clothes are packed away deep in a storage locker waiting our move (and have been there since last January when we thought we'd be in a new home by March...GRRR to people who back out of purchase agreements...) AND my daughters LOVE their clothing even though it is too short, I decided to do some renovations and stretch their clothes a little further.

Shirts were first. Kiki and I went through and determined which ones had emblems or pieces that she'd like included elsewhere and we chose which shirts were still a good base (though showed her belly button!). We also gathered the heat and bond, iron, sewing machine, scissors and pins and set to work.

Here's what we came up with.

It solved the issue of her not wanting to "waste" the cool peace sign, my not letting her wear something with a gigantic stain on the back (orange shirt) or one that shows her sternum when she raises her arms (purple shirt). Total win-win, right? Here's some of the other combos we came up with:

She's happy.
I'm happy.
Next up...pants!

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