Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Outfits

I found THE cutest dresses for Kiki & Leve last year after Christmas at Hanna Andersson. (Seriously...how MUCH do I L.O.V.E. their clothes?! The pricetags? Not so much. But clearance...booyah!!) So they have been sitting in my basement for the last 11 months just waiting.

Now, if you remember from my pajama pants post, I adore dressing my children alike. I don't do it alot because, let's face it, I don't want to be THAT lady, but I indulge myself on special occasions.

Of course, at the time, there wasn't anything online for the boys that would match and so I've spent 10 months or so noodling about what the boys were going to wear. About a month ago I was in a second hand store and saw this sherpa sweatshirt that was nearly identical to the fabric of the dresses for $4.29.

The night before the Christmas Pageant, I found a vest/sweater that fit each of the boys and cut out a rough pattern.

Finn's was cut from the main part of the sweatshirt. I used the bottom of the sweatshirt for the bottom of the vest so I didn't have to any finishing on that portion...score!

TJ's was cut from the sleeves. I just opened them up to get more fabric and used the cuffs of the sleeve for the bottom of the vest...again no finishing work for me!

After each was cut, I took it the serger where I serged around the arm and neck pieces. I didn't cut anything off, just made sure I had a nice edge.

Next, I pinned the sideseams right sides together; then sewed.
Same with the shoulders.

At this point you have a vest; though a bit raw. I folded over and pinned the arm holes and neck line and sewed them down.

I then turned the vest right side out and pinned on the embellishments that I had cut from red craft felt. I sewed them down using white thread.

Aren't they cute? And it only cost me $9.29 for the boy's vests. Oh, the other $5?! That's what it cost to get Finn to wear it with a smile. Guess this might be the last time I get to dress them alike...unless, of course, I budget the bribery into the cost of the outfit.

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Anonymous said...

They are adorable!! Tucker looks like he is 4 years old!!!!