Saturday, December 17, 2011

Upcycled Christmas Stockings

As you've read, our Christmas Decorations are in storage 2.5 hours in BURIED. We have a handful of decorations that remain in our house because they couldn't be frozen (snow globes, for example), but Christmas Stockings didn't make the fact, I'm pretty sure I used them as packing material.

Santa certainly needed something to put our Christmas goodies in, though, so I set to work.

The kids and I found these great flannel pajama pants at a second hand store...$2.50 for the two pairs. I had thought we'd buy some flannel sheets, but these were so cute.

We came home and I laid the pants out and cut out the stockings shape. I would have been able to get 4 stockings out of each pair of pants, but alas, we only did 6 pairs; three from each print. Then, we cut out the embellishments and I zig-zagged them onto the main part.

We then cut cuffs from the remaining fabric. Basically it was 2 rectangles of fabric per stocking. I serged the edges and then folded one long side down and straight stitched with my machine to get a nice finished edge.

Next, I attached the cuff to the main stocking part. This took a little thinking to imagine how to line it up so that when the cuff was turned down the fabric would be facing the right way. (Not tricky, but The Spouse and I were watching Park and Rec at that point, so I had to actually pay attention to what I was doing!)

Once the cuffs were on I put the stockings right sides together and sewed the two sides together.

Finally, in a stroke of genius (or laziness) I realized I didn't need to sew fabric strings to hang them from...we could use the ties from the pants! EASY. I simply pulled out the strings as much as I could and cut them to the right length and sewed them to the inside of the stocking.

We're ready for Santa to come!