Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Take a Break Jar--Christian Style

Alrighty, folks...I have a confession to make...sometimes I forget my kids are in time out. Before you husband does it too...and my own Mother complimented me on how compliant my child was because she sat in timeout for around 30 minutes without saying a word before my Mom remembered she was in time out! Judge if you like; it just happens sometimes!

So when I saw these "Time Out" jars on Pinterest I was intrigued. I think the person who came up with them thought they would be a great way for the child to relax and unwind during their timeout...I'm just thankful for a way for them to know when they can come out that doesn't involve a timer they can tinker with!

Here's what you need (and what I learned) when making a jar:
Jar with lid
Strong glue. I used E6000
Water and/or Baby Oil
Contact paper (optional)
Markers (optional)
Scissors (optional)

First, I put contact paper over my lid; I would preferred to spray paint, but it's just too cold right now to do that outside.

Next, I tested the glitter in water and then in a small amount of baby oil. For me, the glitter fell way too fast in the water; I wanted my kids to be in timeout for a bit longer so I went with the baby oil. (I should warn you that the baby oil gets a bit cloudy after a might have something to do with the water I added or my glitter being poor quality.)

I ended up not having enough baby oil to fill my I used water to fill it the rest of the way. Then, I added the glitter. I then put the glue on the inside rim of the jar and twisted the jar on; the glue will make it impossible for little hands to "accidentally" open the jar, spilling baby oil and glitter all over the carpet (and leading to another time out...for Mommy...with a glass of wine...)

Then, I shook it up. You can guess what happened next. The water and the oil separated; water on the bottom, oil on the top...the cool thing? The glitter rests in between! LESSON TIME!

When I presented the "Take a Break" jar to the kids I told them that they would use this when they were put into time out or were asked to take a break for rough behavior. They would shake and sit to watch it settle. (I warned them that not ALL the glitter would settle, but that when it stopped moving they could come and find me.) I then demonstrated it and told them to think about the glitter as the things they had done that weren't good; our sins. I told them to think of themselves as the bottom of the jar. As it started to settle they immediately noticed that the glitter didn't fall to the bottom of the jar. I said, "I KNOW....that's because where it is settling is like Jesus. Jesus died to take your're clean because He died for you. No sins stick to you or fall back to you because of Jesus. During time outs I want you to remember that because Jesus' love we get a second chance every time we mess up."

So far it's been a HUGE help in making sure they get out of time out on time AND it reminds me that we've all been given grace; I am not perfect and there is no way my children will be either. When they get put in timeout for the 80th time that day it reminds me that my heavenly Father is probably looking at me and wondering WHEN I'm going to get it right...yet He extends His patience and love. And it reminds me to do the same for my children.

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